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CLED 2 SLX C, a LED searchlight with two light moduls in the smaller C size

CLED 3 SLX D, A LED searchlight with two light modules in the bigger D size


Our LED-searchlight concept is a very robust solution based on a module idea. The LED-module itself is developed by our Norwegian partner LUMINELL to withstand the toughest conditions at the North Sea and other demanding places at sea. A lot of testing is made and the LED module have been on the market for many years now with extremely good results.

The LED module is carried by our existing light platform's in the CL25 and CL35 series for a robust and intelligent operation control. There are many possibilites to combine LED with HMI, UV head and of course in combination with the thermal camera CLIR module - all depending the solution you need.

A unit with dual LED units are still not as intense in terms of illumination as a traditional HMI-light soruce but in many cases for a vessel that uses the light in a moderate distance for the vessel it is still sufficient. Still the lumen values are rather high so the mass of light is high with a little power input.

The CLED gives you a modern searchlight solution with very high reliability and very low maintenance cost. The ignition is direct, it can be on for 24/7 for years with no bulbs to be replaced. As the light is direct the beam can also be controlled in digital ways - dimming, signalling or stroboscopic effect for dazzling applications.

The dual head gives you the possibility to combine a spot beam of 4 degree with a wider beam 9 degree but the system can also be configured with dual 4 degree beams for longer range or dual 9 degree beams for higher area coverage. The versatility of the platform gives the possibiltiy to also carry any floodlight in the SLX and RLX series supplied by Luminell making the solution a manuoverable floodlight.

So if your demand is a moderate range light with high reliability, low maintenace cost and high energy efficiency - the CLED is the unit you need.

More technical details can be found in the CLED product Leaflet.