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CL 38

  • Dual HMI 800 W
  • IP66
  • Acid proof stainless steel


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CL38-800 W HMI

The product family CL38 is a very strong and powerful searchlight that is based on HMI light technology. The technology is presented more in detail separately in "Technology - extraordinary light". This new model is upgraded with a built in Scatter Sheild in order to reduce spill light on deck and to increase the range appreciation. The CL38 is based on the CL3 pan/tilt platform, same as the CL35 model but in this configuration with 30% more light power.

In combination with the special designed parabolic reflector this searchlight gives an extraordinary light performance - the high color temperature in combination with the high color spectra (CRI) gives an impression of clear daylight with good contrasts of objects and high color rendering which is highly appreciated among mariners all over the world.

The patented unlimited movement functionality offers limitless operational freedom. In combination with the intelligent control system it is possible to control many searchlights and control panels in network. The system is also open to be integrated with other systems onboard.

The mechanical concept is very solid and all mechanical structure is embedded inside the housing. This reduce problems coming from external influences like ice or corrosion. The housing itself is made in acid proof stainless steel and withstand the extreme tough marine environment.

The CL38 is very flexible in terms of installation - the housing can be installed standing or hanging upside down. Also HMI technology is not sensitive for any burning position so the light performance is not affected in any direction.