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The second generation LED searchlight CLED 2 SLX series leaflets available


The second generation LED searchlight is a big step in improvement when it comes to light power. Up to 5 million Cd with a range over 2000 m - by far the most powerful LED searchlight in the market.

The SLX modules comes in two sizes. The C size, similar size to our 210 mm reflector heads today (CL20/25) and a great light for patrol, SAR, Pilot, smaller workboats. The bigger D modules are double the size of the C modules. A LED searchlight meeting the FiFi requirements and a good light mainly for bigger vessels or land based applications.

The LED searchlight comes in two basic beam-angles - 4 degree for higher intensity and a 9 degree for wider beam with higher lumen values. The searchlights can be configured as dual or comboversions with these beam angles and it is also possible to combine one side with LED and other side with Metal halide - all depending the application and your need.

You will find more technical information in the product leaflets found in the downloads menu.