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Meet us at METS show in Amsterdam. Stand 11.723 (AMI/TMQ).


The pressrelease from AMI/TMQ:

A Versatile New Technology: The Searchlight with Integrated Navigation Tracking

Presenting the CLINT Solution, developed by TMQ International, in conjunction with Colorlight.

Not only offering a selection of high quality marine search light products, Colorlight now affords operators the ability to track targets via TMQ C-Plot navigational charts. Perfect for man overboard applications, low visibility conditions and more, the CLINT (Colorlight Integrated Navigational Tracking) can lock on to the crew member’s AIS SART, track moving targets, or can continuously illuminate a stationery object. Both Radar and AIS can be used as a tracking source for the searchlight, while GPS and Gyro enable accurate positioning and alignment to target.

PC Based, with an intuitive touch-screen friendly interface, the system incorporates the reliable and versatile C-Plot Chart Plotting platform. (Utilizing Navionics cartography) A multi-functional tool for skippers and navigators around the world.

The C-Plot chart creates a control interface between the light and the software, allowing the operator to designate the light’s direction to pinpoint a specific target.

First demonstrated at Southhampton Seawork 2014, and receiving praise at the recent SMM Hamburg in September, the CLINT looks to be an excellent addition available to Colorlight users worldwide.

The CLINT will soon be available as a new product, as well as a retrofit to generation 3 lights sold from late 2010. To see the CLINT in action, visit the AMI-TMQ International stand 11.723 at METS 2014.

For more information on TMQ C-Plot, contact:

Ken Brown                                                          Jim Fraser
R & D Manager, TMQ International          TMQ International Sales
+ 61 07 3640 5600                                             + 61 08 9331 0000
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.                                          This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
www.ami-tmq.com                                        www.ami-tmq.com

For all Colorlight enquiries:

Mattias Svensson
Managing Director, Colorlight AB
+46 70 66 38278



TMQ Electronics is a 100% Australian owned and operated manufacturer and distributor of marine based electronic products.
Primary products include Autopilots and accessories, steering control units and internal talkback systems.
TMQ is now part of the AMI Group, establishing a major strategic alliance which will support the Commercial and Leisure marine industries of Australia, South East Asia, UK, Europe and beyond.

ColorLight AB sets a new standard for enhanced visibility at sea. With a mission to reduce the life time cost for the owners and improve functionality for the users - the ColorLight Visibiliy solutions offers the market infinite visibility, versatility and value. Visible light, Ultraviolet light, optical and thermal visibility in a platform prepared for navigation system integration supports future demands for S&R, Navigation, Oil Spill Detection and Anti Piracy.