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Reference list is growing stronger...

More and more customers really understand the difference.

The installation flexibility increases the functionality of the equipment – a Search and Rescue equipment when needed, an Oil Spill illuminator when necessary or even a Rescue zone illuminator – all from the same unit if the placement of the unit is well designed. There is a long tradition of placing the searchlights on the wheelhouse roof, in some cases a good spot but also mainly a traditional carry-over from the design of the basic manual mechanical controlled searchlights where the mechanics limited the options where to place it. Why limit today’s possibilities with yesterday’s limitations.

The plug and play control network simplifies the installation and help to reduce the overall cost for the shipyard and the owner. If there later is a need of adding a controller or a light in a network it is very simple. The high service level from the whole sales and supply chain of Colorlight secures a supply when needed.

The high focus on EMC-silence in the Colorlight design brings a lot of value as the systems not will disturb the more advanced systems highly used in today’s modern fleets. Why reduce the capabilities of the more advanced systems when the cost difference is very small for a good solution.



A focused and dedicated work from Colorlights sales representatives is well paid of the last months and more is in the pipe:


Link to FARSTAD website

Type  2 vessels OSCV 143 m
NB  822, 829 
Design  VARD 3 07 




Link to DOF website

Type  1 vessels OSCV 161 m
NB  800 
Design  VARD
Owner  DOF




Type  2 (+4) vessels OSRV
Design  DAMEN
Owner  NN




Type  2 vessels OSRV
NB  20, 21
Design  RR




Type  1 Icebreaking Research vessel
NB  777
Design  RR
Owner  FLO




Link to Skipsteknisk website

Type  4 (+4) vessels PSV
NB  33,34,35,36
Design  Skipsteknisk
Owner  THOR


(Pictures borrowed from owner or designer website)