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The perfect tanker retrofit SOLUTION..

 Maybe not the most cheerful subject title now when spring is coming but...

Customers are coming back for the VERSATILE long distance wireless remote control that Colorlight has delivered for many years.          

To increase the safety when navigating in icy waters, OCIMF (Oil Companies International Maritime Forum) recommend that ice classed tankers should be equipped with powerful ice searchlights, preferably also in the bow mast. Even though a recommendation only, your VISIBILTY is the most important thing for a safe route.

It can be a tricky issue, retrofitting on tankers where the laying of new cables can be extremely expensive due to the EX environment and cleaning of tanks before electrical work can start.

The easy retrofit solution from Colorlight can spare you both work and cost.

It is built on the robust searchlights from Colorlight, with the well-known ice light spectra, with a long distance wireless connection to the bridge. Operation is designed to work on distances of at least 250-300meters, also through electrical heated windows and sunscreens.

References from Stena Ice-Max & P-Max fleet, Novoship, Nordic Tankers, Donsö Tankers, Älvtank and others makes also new customer chose this solution…

Also this winter many customers understood the total VALUE for this solution and placed orders.

Get prepared for the next winter by contacting us for more details and a proposal. Just drop a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.