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Make sure your Searchlights don't disturb the other systems onboard..

Modern vessels with sophisticated navigation and communication equipments onboard becomes more sensitive to electromagnetic distortions. VHF radio, internal communication systems, GPS-receivers, RADAR and other advanced and sensitive systems are some of the systems that can be disturbed or even interupted by poorly engineered searchlights.

The standard solutions provided by Colorlight meets the tough electromagnetic capability (EMC) levels specified in DNV 2.4 (Environmental test specification for instrumentation and automation equipment) as well as ISO 17884 (Ships and marine technology - Searchlights for high-speed craft) and there are additional possibilites in the system setup to reduce levels even more -  of course extra important on naval and research vessels.

During the development of the 3rd generation searchlights launched 2010 a lot of engineering work were made to reduce noice and distortion. The traditional sources of distortion - motors, light drivers, control system were carefully designed and tested to keep the lowest levels possible.

The saying - "The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of a low price is forgotten" - is certainly valid also here. Make sure your searchlight not will become the weak point in the chain. The cost to get a quality searchlight from Colorlight is just a drop in the ocean for the vessel budget - the cost of disturbances on the other systems is far more costly and will remain during the whole lifetime of the vessel.

The Future Searchlight Solution - it is a searchlight but also much more.


(All test reports are available upon request)