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Colorlight presented a combined integrated solution based on the basic searchlight platform

Danfish 2013, the international fishery exhibition that was held 9-11 Oct in Aalborg Kongres & Kultur Center is a meeting spot for professional fishermen and all the stakeholders around them.

Colorlight, the provider of the Future Searchlight Solutions, took the opportunity to show a part of the portfolio called Combined Integrated Solutions. A CL25 platform with high intense long distance light combined with direct ignited and energyefficient LED light module and thermal camera CLIR. A multifunctional and versatile equipment for improved visibility at sea at an affordable price.

CLED kombo


The Future Searchlight Solution product portfolio supplied by ColorLight includes Powerful Fixed Spotlights, High Quality Searchlights as well as Combined Integrated Solutions - including UV light for Oil Spill Operations, thermal IR camera as a night vision navigation support and LED light modules with interesting future functionalities.

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