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A Simply Bright partner in Norway will open the doors..

ColorLight are very happy to announce the news of the new representative in Norway - the Ålesund based company Luminell AS. In short Luminell is an entrepreneurial, creative and innovative provider of outdoor lightning products and they have a great understanding of the ColorLight SearchLight Solution. They have set a new standard in the market for robust and powerful LED floodlights to the tough and demanding offshore and fishery inudstry in a very short time and their future is Simply Bright.

Luminell and ColorLight shares the idea of bringing new and better solutions to the market. It is not about the mass of light or sending the light as long as you can - it is about providing the best quality light to the right place for the user and to lower the lifetime cost for the owner that matters.

"Since we first met one year back we have understood the similarities of the strategies and we have discussed different topics on business and technical level to see how to get the most out of it. One thing is very clear - the Simply Bright Solution from Luminell and the SearchLight Solution you need from ColorLight will be the PowerLight Solution the market need" - is the words of Petter Veiberg, Head of Business Development in Luminell and Mattias Svensson, Managing Director in ColorLight.

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