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Varada Marine AS place order for 4 offshore vessels..

The norwegian ship management company Varada Marine AS that operates on an international market with AHTS and PSV vessels placed order for 4 vessels that is on contract for Petrobras in Brazil.

"We are very happy about the order and this is a good start in our increased market intensity in the important nearby Norwegian marine market. We have big plans for Norway and we are looking into different strategic options to bring our SearchLight SOLUTION in a wider extent there in the near future" says Mattias Svensson, MD. "We hope the doors will be open in Norway, even though we are from Sweden" says Markus Lundqvist, Sales Mgr, with a smile relating to the historical "neibour relationship".

Last week we also got more orders to the norwegian ship bulider Grovfjord Mekaniska that is building vessels for the Swedish offshore windfarm company NOS - Northern Offshore Services.