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Order to AMELS and Next-Generation lifeboat ordered..

We are very happy to receive the first order to the dutch mega yacht builder AMELS - the ART of yacht building - for a 65 m mega yacht. AMELS is since 1991 a part of the huge dutch group DAMEN. ColorLight have a strong track record for mega yachts and have supplied to many of the big shipyards in Germany and Italy among others for many years. Our representative Holland Nautic have worked long time for this order and hopefully this will open the door for more orders in the future.

AMELS website

The Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Institution (KNRM) ordered the next generation SAR/lifeboat from DAMEN. It is built with a very seaworthy hull, a very powerful axe bow design and with a searchlight that supports the powerful design as well. It looks like a natural part of the vessel. This is the searchlight SOLUTION they need.

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