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Additional two big Greenland Trawlers have seen the Light they need..

In February 2012 two big Greenland Trawlers were equipped with the powerful model CL35-11 - well known for the extreme good ice light performance. The trawlers Polar Qaasiut and Acadienne Gale II are now followed by additional two other Trawlers - Polar Nanoq and Polar Princess that now also will bring more light quality to the north sea and the arctic waters.

The combination of the color temperature, that is very similar to daylight on a blue sky sunny day, and the high color rendering index, presenting the colors like you normally see them, gives a very distinct difference between ice and water. The powerful beam, not only a thin light beam, gives a wide and powerful illumination up to 5300 meters away from the vessel. All this controlled from a very robust platform and user friendly control system. This is the only SearchLight Solution they need.

Polar nanoq 
Acadienne gale_II 
Polar Qaasiut
Polar Princess