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One of the big events in terms of marketing is the coming SMM exhibition in Hamburg, Germany..

ColorLight will be present in the Swedish Pavilion in hall B3 together with other great Swedish marine companies. A lot of efforts have been made to get a nice and open area with Scandinavian west coast appearance.

ColorLight will focus and communicate two very interesting ares of development, Energy efficient surveillance alerting light for Offshore Energy Platforms and The dual headed searchlight gets a third head - the infrared thermal camera.

Energy efficient surveillance alerting light for Offshore Energy Platforms

Since 1996, ColorLight have been the most innovative, new thinking and future approaching Searchlight Company in the market and will continue to keep that position. The mechanical and electrical product platform has been developed and upgraded continuously over the years and the latest generation launched in autumn 2010 is not only the most robust and maintenance free searchlight concept in the market but also designed for integration in more advanced automated applications.
The company is building up a network of partners that have the knowledge and competence for advanced surveillance and security applications and light is one very important alerting signal for offshore oil, gas and wind farm platforms.
"The company is not yet that well known in the market, the market has a tendency to make repeat purchase from existing sources for our type of products but the interest is increasing in many markets all over the world and more customers understand the low lifetime cost due to the durability, the energy efficiency, the none maintenance and the integration possibilities of the concept" says Mattias Svensson, the MD of ColorLight.

The new market with the need of off shore surveillance and alerting systems will need very robust and reliable systems for long term offshore use and the capsuled housing made of acid proof stainless steel and all moving parts inside the housing is one of the key features. Not even the cables need to be exposed due to the slip ring technology concept.

The efficiency of the light source HMI used in ColorLight is very high. Compared to other HID-sources like Xenon for example it generates approximately 80% more light for each wattage put into the system. You can also say that you need just more then half of the energy to generate the same amount of light. LED-technology is not yet a good alternative for powerful long distance beaming but is also part of the long term planning.

The dual headed searchlight gets a third head - the infrared thermal camera

ColorLight with its dual headed concept was the first company to offer the possibility to combine extremely good white light together with ultraviolet light for detection purposes - both for oil spill detection but also for fluorescent life jackets.
From December 2012 it will also be available with a third feature - an infrared thermal camera on the same fixture. The aim is not to reach customers for highly advanced night vision needs for military or long distance purposes, more a feature for enhanced night vision in the same fixture as the searchlight. A typical need is for ice classed tankers that need the feature for ice detection purposes or the captain of a smaller vessel that thinks the investment for a separate system is too expensive.
When there is a need of more advanced systems the partners we cooperate with are a more natural solution. The good thing with the partners is that they have a good knowledge about the searchlight and can easily integrate the searchlights as a slave in their more advanced system.