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CL 25_12

  • HMI 400 W
  • UV 400 W
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Powerful Multipurpose Searchlight based on a robust acid proof stainless steel construction with unlimited movement. The dual head are fitted with energy efficient HMI light technology of 400W, and with combined white and ultra-violet light, giving 1lux at 2000 meters and the possibility to detect oil spill and fluorescents.

The characteristics of the light performed is almost like daylight, making it very appreciated as navigation- and ice light. During night, UV light makes oil become visual.

Operated by a single joystick operating panel, or several units combined in a network with programmable functions, gives extended usage of your searchlight solution. It is also prepared for integration with other systems The small, 115-240V electronic box ballast, makes it very easy to install.

This model is suitable on ships from 60 meters and up. Weight 30kg. 24 month warranty.