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System CL25_System_ny_rs485_transp_
  • Open system
  • CAN bus
  • Function control


CL network

The CL network is built to operate many searchlight in a net. The system is dimensioned to operate total 16 units in the network for example 6 searchlights and 10 operation panels as standard. Data communication within the system consists of two bus types. Between the ebox and the searchlight it is with CAN-bus type, very stable and proven for the purpose. The control network is using Ethernet bus technology that simplify the cabling and installation using standard components such as ethernet switches and optical fiber for long distance control. The CL network must be separated from other networks to ensure system stability.

In combination with the digital controlled motors the system is set up not only to increase the operational power and speed but also reduce the mechanical stress which is improves the operational lifetime of the searchlight system. The system also controls the condition of the brush less servomotors and if any problems arise it is communicated to the operator panels at the commando bridge. 

The system is also open to communicate with external control system through RS-232 or RS-485 standard. 

Intelligent control